The Hells: A Different Set Than Those Already Mentioned (Continued)

There was a troop of spirits surging out on one side of Gehenna, rising high up in front. From their aura I could tell that they held the Lord in contempt and despised all worship of God. (At the first approach of spirits, one can sense their character just from their aura.) Their speech rose and fell. One of them made scandalous charges against the Lord and was immediately tossed down to one side of Gehenna.

From in front they moved back over my head, intent on finding kindred souls they could band together with in order to dominate others. They were slowed down along the way, though, and told that they should give up their plan because it would turn out badly for them. So they came to a halt. I then had a look at them. Their faces were black, and around their heads each wore a white headband, meaning that they saw the worship of God—and the Lord’s Word too—as something black, useful only for binding the fetters of conscience on the great mass of people.

Their residence is near Gehenna, and nonpoisonous flying snakes live there, which is why it is called a snakes’ nest. But since they are not charlatans, their hell is not very oppressive.

People like this ascribe everything to themselves and their own shrewdness and boast that they fear nothing, but they were shown that a mere hiss can drive them to terrified flight. Hearing one once, they assumed in their fright that all hell was rising up to carry them off, and from being heroes they suddenly became like women.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 950

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