The Hells: A Different Set Than Those Already Mentioned (Continued)

There is also a punishment in which spirits’ thoughts are torn apart, so that their inner thinking clashes with their outer thinking. This is accompanied by deep pain.

One of the more common penalties involves throwing a shroud over a spirit. In it, spirits gain the impression, from delusions they have brought on themselves, that they are under a shroud stretching far out around them. It is like a blanket of fog that thickens as they fantasize about it. Ablaze with the desire to break loose, they run back and forth under it at varying speeds until they grow exhausted. The experience usually lasts an hour, more or less, and entails pain of different kinds, depending on the intensity of their eagerness to free themselves.

The shroud is the lot of those who see the truth but still do not want to admit to it, because they love themselves, and who take constant offense that the truth should be what it is.

Some of the people under the shroud feel such anxiety and terror that they lose hope of ever gaining their freedom, as one who escaped once told me.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 962, 963

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