The Hells: A Different Set Than Those Already Mentioned (Continued)

The spiritual realm is the gathering place for the souls of all people from the beginning of creation, of which almost a million a week come from our planet. They all have their own bent of mind and their own personality, different from that of others. Everybody’s ideas are all communicated to others, and yet all things as a whole and in particular must continually be brought into order.

A realm of this size, of course, contains countless phenomena that people on earth have never even imagined. Hardly any of them have formed more than a single vague idea of hell, any more than they have of heaven. As a result, these facts cannot help striking them as strange and astounding. This is chiefly due to the belief that spirits have no sensation, when in reality they have much keener sensation than we do. (Evil spirits also use skills unknown in the world to make others feel sensations almost exactly like those of the body, although bodily sensations are actually much more blunted.)

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 969

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