The Earliest Church, Called “Humankind,” or Adam (Continued)

People who had been part of the earliest church, which was called Humankind, or Adam—heavenly people—are high up overhead, where they live together in sublime happiness. They said that others rarely approach them, except for the occasional visitor from elsewhere, or as they put it, from the universe.

Their position so high above the head, they added, was not due to inflated pride; on the contrary, the goal was to allow them to govern the people there.

I was shown the houses of the people who belonged to the second and third generations of this earliest church, and they are magnificent. They are very long, and each displays various beautiful shades of deep red and of blue.

Angels have houses that are simply glorious—so glorious that words could never describe them. I have seen these houses many times. They appear so vividly before the sight of their inhabitants that nothing could strike the eyes more vividly; but the reason why the visual experience is so intense will be explained later [Sections 1619–1633], in the Lord’s divine mercy.

They live in an aura of pearly light (so to speak) and sometimes in one of diamondlike radiance. In the next life, countless different varieties of atmosphere exist, and they are incredible. People are seriously mistaken if they do not consider such things possible there, and infinitely more of them than anyone ever has been or ever will be able to picture. It is true that these things exist as representations, as did some of the sights the prophets saw, but they are so vivid that they are completely real to the inhabitants of the next world and make the objects of this world seem unreal by comparison.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 3, Sections 1115, 1116

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