The Earliest Church, Called “Humankind,” or Adam

They live in the greatest possible light. The light of the world can hardly be compared to the light in which they live. That light was shown to me in the form of a flame that more or less streamed down in front of my eyes, and the people who had come from the earliest church told me that they had the same kind of light, only brighter.

By means of a kind of inspiration I cannot describe, I was shown how they had talked when they were alive in the world. Their speech was not articulated, as the verbal speech we use today is, but silent, produced not by external but by internal breathing. I also had the opportunity to sense what their internal breathing was like. It moved from the navel to the heart and then out through the lips without a sound. It did not enter another person’s ear from outside and vibrate on the part called the ear drum but traced a path through the mouth and in fact through a passageway there that we now call the Eustachian tube.

I was shown that this kind of speech enabled them to express the thoughts of their heart and the ideas in their minds much more fully than articulated sounds or audible words ever could. Audible sounds too travel on the breath (external breath, though), because no word contains any element that can be conveyed without the use of breath. But the process was much more perfect with them, because it relied on internal breathing. Since internal breathing takes place on a deeper plane, it is more perfect and better adapted to the actual ideas in our heads.

In addition, they used subtle motions of the lips and corresponding facial changes. Since they were a heavenly kind of people, everything they thought shone out from their face and eyes, which altered to suit the thought. They were completely incapable of any facial expression that did not agree with their thinking. They considered pretense a heinous crime and deceit even worse.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Sections 1117, 1118

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