The Earliest Church, Called “Humankind,” 0r Adam (Continued)

The progeny of the earliest church have taught me about the level of perception they had enjoyed. They had possessed the ability to perceive any proposition of faith, almost to the same degree as angels, with whom they communicated. One reason was that their inner self—their spirit—was united to heaven by means of internal breathing. Another was that love for the Lord and love for one’s neighbor carry this communication with them, because these two kinds of love unite people on earth with angels through the essential core of their life, which consists in such love. They said they had the law written in them because they loved the Lord and their neighbor, since everything the laws require consequently agreed with their perception and everything the laws prohibit conflicted with their perception.

They had no doubt that all human laws resembled divine laws in being founded on love for the Lord and charity for one’s neighbor and in looking to love and charity as their basis.

Of course since they had a foundation from the Lord inside themselves, they knew everything that was built on it.

They believe too that all those alive in the world today who love the Lord and their neighbor also have the law written in them and are welcomed as citizens anywhere on earth, just as any such people are welcomed in the other life.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 2, Section 1121

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