Light and Warmth in Heaven (Continued)

Since heaven’s light is divine truth, that light is also divine wisdom and intelligence. Consequently “being raised into heaven’s light” means the same thing as “being raised into intelligence and wisdom” and “being enlightened.” So too, light among angels is at exactly the same level as their intelligence and wisdom.

Since heaven’s light is divine wisdom, people are recognized in heaven’s light for what they really are. Everyone’s inner nature shines forth from the face just as it is, with nothing whatever concealed. Further, the more internally minded angels love to have everything within them visible because they do not intend anything but what is good. It is different for people who are below heaven and do not intend what is good. They are profoundly afraid of being seen in heaven’s light. Remarkably, people in hell look human to each other, but in heaven’s light they look like monsters, with frightful faces and bodies, in the exact form of their evil.

We have a similar appearance as to our spirits when angels look at us. If we are good, we look like handsome individuals in accord with our goodness; if we are evil we look like monsters, misshapen in accord with our evil. We can see from this that everything is clear in heaven’s light. It is clear because heaven’s light is divine truth.

from Heaven and Hell, Section 131

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