Heaven Is Divided into Two Kingdoms (Continued)

We have stated that they have more wisdom and splendor than others because they have accepted divine truths directly into their lives and continue to do so. The moment they hear them, they intend them and live them out. They do not refer them to memory and consider whether they are true. People like this know instantly, from an inflow from the Lord, whether the truth they are hearing is actually true. The Lord flows directly into our intentions, and indirectly, through our intentions, into our thinking. In other words, the Lord flows directly into what is good within us, and indirectly, through that good, into what is true.

That is, we call “good” whatever is a matter of intent and therefore of action, while we call “true” whatever is a matter of memory and therefore of thought. However, as long as any truth is in memory and therefore in thought, it is neither good nor living. It is not assimilated into the person, because a person is a person by virtue of intent primarily and cognitive abilities secondarily—not by virtue of cognitive abilities apart from volition.

Since there is such a difference between angels of the heavenly kingdom and angels of the spiritual kingdom, they do not live together or associate with each other. They are granted communication only through intermediate angelic communities, communities called “heavenly-spiritual”: it is through them that the heavenly kingdom flows into the spiritual kingdom. The result of this is that while heaven is divided into two kingdoms, they still make a single whole. The Lord always provides intermediate angels like these through whom there can be communication and union.

from Heaven and Hell, Sections 26, 27

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