The regions in the spiritual world are not caused by the Lord as the sun but by the angels, depending on their receptivity (Continued)

It makes sense that a particular openness to love and wisdom establishes a region in the spiritual world, given the fact that angels change their location in response to any increase or decrease of love in them. We can see from this that the location is not caused by the Lord as the sun but by angels, according to their receptivity.

The same holds true for us as far as our spirits are concerned. In spirit, each of us is in some particular region of the spiritual world no matter where we may be in the physical world. That is, the regions of the spiritual world have nothing in common with those of the physical world, as already stated [Section 120]. We are in the one as to body and in the other as to spirit.

For love and wisdom to be a single whole in angels and in us, there are pairs throughout our bodies. Our eyes, ears, and nostrils are paired, our hands, sides, and feet are paired, our brains are divided into two hemispheres, our heart into two chambers, our lungs into two lobes, and so on. So for both angels and for us there is a right side and a left side; and all the right side parts have to do with the love that gives rise to wisdom, while all the left side parts have to do with the wisdom of that love. We could also say, which amounts to the same thing, that all the right side parts have to do with the good that gives rise to the true and all the left side parts with what is true because of that goodness.

Both we and angels have these pairs so that love and wisdom, or what is good and what is true, may act in unison and focus on the Lord in unison—but there will be more on this later [Sections 384, 409].

We can see from this how caught up in illusion and consequent distortion people are if they think that the Lord parcels heaven out arbitrarily, or arbitrarily enables one person to be wiser and more loving than another. No, the Lord intends that one person should be just as wise and just as saved as another. He offers all of us the means. To the extent that we accept them and live by them, we are wise and we are saved, because the Lord is the same with one person as with another. The receivers, though, the angels and the people on earth, are different because of their differing receptivity and life.

This fits with what has already been said [Section 124] about the regions and about the way angels’ locations depend on them, namely that the differences stem from the recipients and not from the Lord.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 126-128


Section 120: Published 2/23/2019

Section 124: Published 2/25/2019

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