The Vertical Levels Find Their Full Realization and Power in Their Final Form

I explained in the preceding section that the final level is the composite and vessel of the prior levels. It follows from this that the prior levels find their full realization in their final level. That is where they are in their effect, and every effect is a summary of its causes.

Everything I have already cited from what we can sense and perceive may be used in support of the proposition that the rising and falling levels, the ones we call antecedent and subsequent or vertical and distinct levels, find their power in their final stage. At this point, though, I want to cite only energy, force, and motion in lifeless and living entities.

It is common knowledge that energy does not accomplish anything by itself, but only through forces responsive to it, using them to cause motion. This is why energy is the whole essence of force, and through force, the whole essence of motion. Since motion is the final stage of energy, energy exercises its power through motion. The only way energy, force, and motion are united is by vertical levels, a union that is not one of continuity, since the levels are distinct, but of responsiveness. Energy, that is, is not force, and force is not motion. Rather, force is produced by energy, and force is energy being exercised; and motion is produced by force. This means that there is not power in pure energy or pure force, but in the motion that they produce.

The truth of this may appear debatable because I have not illustrated it by application to things we can sense and perceive in the physical world. Still, this is the nature of stages that culminate in power.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 217-218

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