The Vertical Levels Find Their Full Realization and Power in Their Final Form (Continued)

Let me apply these principles to living energy, living force, and living motion. Living energy in us, who are the living subjects, is our volition in union with our discernment. The living forces in us are what make up the inner parts of our bodies, throughout which there are motor fibers interconnected in various ways. Living motion in us is the action that is produced by volition in union with discernment through the agency of these forces. The deeper levels of volition and discernment constitute the first level, the inner parts of the body constitute the second level, and the whole body, their composite, constitutes the third level. It is common knowledge that the deeper levels of the mind are not empowered except through forces in the body, and that the forces become powerful and effective only through the action of the body.

These three stages do not act by continuity but by distinct levels, and acting by distinct levels is acting by responsiveness. The deeper levels of the mind answer to the inner parts of the body and the inner parts of body answer to those outer parts that give rise to actions; so the two prior stages are empowered through the outer parts of the body.

It might seem as though our inner energy and forces had some power even in the absence of action–in dreams, for example, or when we are at rest–but at such times the energy and forces find definition in our general physical motions, those of heart and lungs. Once these stop, however, the forces stop as well, and with them the energy.

from Divine Love and Wisdom, Section 129

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