The Word’s Literal Meaning Provides a Connection to the Lord and Association with Angels (Continued)

In its letter the Word is like a case that has precious stones, pearls, and gems laid out in a pattern inside. When we regard the Word as holy and read it in order to have a useful life, our minds have thoughts like a jewel case that someone takes hold of and sends up to heaven. As the jewel case rises, it opens, making the precious things inside accessible to the angels, who are profoundly delighted to see them and to hold them up to the light. The angels’ pleasure is shared with us; this process brings angels into association with us and allows them to share with us not only that pleasure but also their perceptions.

The Holy Supper was established to allow us this kind of association with angels as well as a connection to the Lord. During the Holy Supper, in heaven the bread becomes divine goodness and the wine becomes divine truth, both of which are from the Lord. Ever since creation this correspondence has existed for two reasons; so the angelic heaven and the church on earth, or more generally the spiritual world and the physical world, could be one; and so the Lord could be connected to both of them at once.

from True Christianity, Volume 1, Section 238

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