The Kingdom of God Is within You

Heaven is in a man; and they who have heaven within themselves, come into heaven. Heaven in a man is to acknowledge the Divine, and to be led by the Divine. Every angel receives the heaven, which is around him according to the heaven, which is within him. Unless heaven is within a man, none of the heaven around him flows in and is received.

Love to the Lord is the love regnant in the heavens; for there the Lord is loved above all things. Thus the Lord is All in all there. He flows into all the angels, and into each of them; He disposes them: He induces a likeness of Himself on them, and causes Heaven to be where He is. Hence an angel is heaven in the least form; a society is heaven in a greater form; and all the societies together are heaven in the greatest form. –Heaven and Hell, Sections 319, 54, 58

from The Gist of Swedenborg, The Light of Love and Truth


Heaven and Hell, Section 319: Published 12/19/2019

Heaven and Hell, Section 54: Published 6/12/2019

Heaven and Hell, Section 58: Published 6/13/2019

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