There Is a Marriage between the Lord and the Church, and Therefore a Marriage between Goodness and Truth, in the Individual Details in the Word (Continued)

Due to the marriage of divine goodness and divine truth in the individual details in the Word, many passages mention both “Jehovah” and “God,” or both “Jehovah” and “the Holy One of Israel,” as if they were two, when in fact they are one. “Jehovah” means the Lord’s divine goodness that comes from divine love. “God and “the Holy One of Israel” mean the Lord’s divine truth that comes from divine wisdom. For more on the point that “Jehovah” and “God,” or “Jehovah” and “the Holy One of Israel” appear in many passages in the Word together and yet they mean One Being, see Teaching on the Lord the Redeemer.

from True Christianity, Volume 1, Section 253

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