If the Word Did Not Exist, No One Would Know about God, Heaven, Hell, or Life after Death, Still Less about the Lord (Continued)

Since the earliest times, religion has existed and the inhabitants of our planet have known about God and something about life after death. People did not receive this knowledge from themselves or their own intelligence; they receive it from the ancient Word discussed above (Sections 264-266). Later on people received this knowledge from the Israelite Word. From these two Words, religious concepts spread to the Indies and their islands; through Egypt and Ethiopia into the countries of Africa; and from the coastal regions of the Middle East into Greece and from there into Italy.

Because that Word could be written only in language that was highly symbolic, using things in the world that correspond to and therefore stand for things in heaven, the nations eventually turned its religious concepts into idolatrous concepts–in Greece into myths–and turned divine attributes and characteristics into as many gods. Over these gods they placed a supreme god whom they called Jove, perhaps from Jehovah.

It is generally known that they had a concept of paradise, a flood, sacred fire, and four ages–starting golden age and ending with the iron age, as recorded in Daniel 2:31-35.

from True Christianity, Section 275


Sections 264-266: Published 9/14/2020-9/16/2020

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