The Third Commandment (Continued)

Remember the Sabbath Day in Order to Keep It Holy; for Six Days You Will Labor and Do All Your Work, but the Seventh Day is the Sabbath for Jehovah Your God

In the spiritual meaning, this commandment refers to our being reformed and regenerated by the Lord. The six days of labor mean battling against the flesh and its cravings and and also against the evils and falsities that are in us from hell. The seventh day means our becoming connected to the Lord and our being regenerated as a result. As long as this battle continues, we have spiritual labor; but when we have been regenerated, we rest. This will become clear from the points that will be made below in the chapter on reformation and regeneration [ Sections 571-625]– especially the following points that are discussed there:

(1) Regeneration progresses analogously to the way we are conceived, carried in the womb, born, and brought up.

(2) The first phase in our being generated anew is called “reformation”; it has to do with our intellect. The second phase is called “regeneration”; it has to do with our will and then our intellect.

(3) Our inner self has to be reformed first. Our outer self is then reformed through our inner self.

(4) Then a battle develops between our inner and outer self. Whichever self wins, it will control the other.

(5) When we have been regenerated, we have a new will and a new intellect. And so on.

In the spiritual meaning, this commandment refers to our reformation and regeneration because these processes parallel he Lord’s labors and battles against the hells, his victory over them, and then rest. The way he glorified his human manifestation and made it divine is the same way he reforms and regenerates us and makes us spiritual. This is what is meant by following him. The battles of the Lord are called labors, and were labors, as is clear from Isaiah 53 and 63. Similar things are called labors in us (Isaiah 65:23; Revelation 2:2-3).

from True Christianity, Section 302

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