6. The Lord, Goodwill, and Faith Form a Unity in the Same Way Our Life, Our Will, and Our Intellect From a Unity; If We Separate Them, Each One Crumbles Like a Pearl That is Crushed to Powder (Continued)

Now to the current point about faith–namely, that the Lord, goodwill, and faith form a unity in the same way our life, our will, and our intellect from a unity; and if we separate them, each one crumbles like a pearl that is crushed to power. To see and acknowledge the truth of this, it is important to consider it in the following order:

a. The Lord flows into everyone with all his divine love, all his divine wisdom, and all his divine life.

b. Therefore the Lord flows into everyone with the entire essence of faith and goodwill.

c. These qualities are received by us according to our form.

d. If we separate the Lord, goodwill, and faith, however, instead of being a form that accepts these qualities we are a form that destroys them.

from True Christianity, Section 363

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