Soul and Body (Continued)

Every man has an internal and an external, for the internal is his thought and his will, and the external is his speech and his action. With those who are in the good of love and the truths of faith, the internal man is open, and by it they are in heaven; but with those who are in evils and the falses thence derived, the internal man is closed, and by the external they are only in the world; these are they of whom it is said that they are in externals without an internal.

These indeed have also interiors, but the interiors appertaining to them are the interiors of their external man, which is in the world, but not the interiors of the internal man which is in heaven; those interiors, namely, which are of the external man, when the internal is closed, are evil, yea, filthy, for they think only of the world and of themselves, and will only those things which are of the world and which are of self, and think nothing at all about heaven and about the Lord, yea, neither do they will these latter things.

from Arcana Coelestia, Section 10429

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