To the Extent That We Turn Our Backs on Evils Because They Are Sins, We Have Faith and Are Spiritual (Continued)

People are caught up in evil do not have any faith even though they believe that they do, as I have been shown by seeing some people of this sort in the spiritual world. They were brought into a heavenly community, which caused the spiritual side of the angels’ faith to enter into the deeper levels of the faith of the visitors.

This made the visitors aware of the fact that all they had was an earthly or outward faith and not its spiritual or inner side. So they themselves admitted that they had no faith whatever and that in the world they had convinced thyemselves that if they thought something was true for any reason at all, that was “believing” or “having faith.”

The faith of people who have not been devoted to evil, though, looks very different.

from Life/Faith (New Century Edition), Section 49

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