Introduction by the Editor

THE highest and heavenliest of all doctrines, is that announced in the title-page of the present volume. It is the most pervasive in its nature, the most comprehensive in its scope, the most potent in its sway, and the most elevating, enlarging, quickening and humanizing in it influence. It includes, of course, that sublimest fact in all history, which is also the pivotal doctrine of the Christian religion—the fact of the incarnation of the Divine Being.

To quote the last sentence in a recent work of extraordinary insight, breadth and power: “The incarnation of Jehovah in the person of Jesus Christ is the central fact of the universe, the pivot about which all things revolve, the mystery which holds in its unfathomable depths the secret of the beginning and the end of the world.” The doctrine herein presented, therefore, may be appropriately termed.

The Heavenly Doctrine of the Lord: from the Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg

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