1. What is intrinsically infinite and intrinsically eternal is the same as Divinity (Continued)

Since angels and spirits are feelings derived from love and their consequent thoughts, they are not in space and time; they are simply in what seems to be space and time. The kind of apparent space and time they are in depends on the state their feelings and consequent thoughts. As a result, when anyone thinks affectionately about someone else, with the focused intent of seeing or talking with that other individual, there is an instantaneous presence.

This is why we all have spirits present with us who are feeling the way we are. There are evil spirits with us when we feel drawn toward something that is evil the way evil spirits are, and good spirits with us when we feel drawn toward something that is good the way good spirits are. They are just as present as though we were accepted members of their community. Space and time have nothing to do with this presence, because a feeling and its consequent thought are not in space and time, and spirits and angels are feelings and their consequent thoughts.

Firsthand experience over many years has taught me that this is so. I have also learned it from talking with any number of people after their death, both people from the various nations of Europe and people from various nations in Asia and Africa, and all of them were near at hand. If they had been in space and time, It would have taken a journey and the time that a journey requires.

Actually, we all know this instinctively, or in our own minds. This has been brought home to me by the fact that no one has started thinking in terms of spatial distance when I have described conversations with deceased people in Asia, Africa, or Europe; with Calvin, Luther, or Melanchthon, for example; or with some monarch, official, or priest in a faraway land. It has not occurred to people to ask, “How could anyone talk with people who lived there, and how could they get here when there are so many lands and seas in between?” This also showed me that people are not thinking on the basis of space and time when they think about people who are in the spiritual world.

See Heaven and Hell 162-169 and 191-199, though, on the fact that people in the spiritual world do have what seem to be space and time.

from Divine Providence, Section 50


Heaven and Hell:

Sections 162-169: Published 4/30/2017-5/2/2017

Sections 191-199: Published 6/21/2019-6/24/2019

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