1. What is intrinsically infinite and intrinsically eternal is the same as Divinity (Continued)

This leads us to the conclusion that we should think about what is infinite and eternal and therefore about the Lord nontemporally and nonspatially, and that we can do so. Further, it shows that this is how we think on the deeper level of our rationality, and that what is infinite and eternal is the same as the Lord. That is how angels and spirits think. Thought withdrawn from space and time enables us to understand divine omnipresence and omniscience and Divinity from eternity; while this is absolutely impossible for thought that has spatial and temporal concepts in it.

We can see from this that it is possible to think about God from eternity but definitely not about the material world from eternity. We can therefore think about the creation of the universe by God but definitely not at all about creation by the material world, since space and time are properties of the material world, while Divinity is devoid of them. On Divinity being devoid of space and time, see Divine Love and Wisdom, Sections 7-10, 69-72, 73-76 and elsewhere Sections130, 156, 285.

from Divine Providence, Section 51

Divine Love and Wisdom:

Sections 7-10: Published 4/10/2018-4/11/2018

Sections 69-71: Published 5/28/2018-5/29/2018

Sections 72-76: Published 5/29/2018-5/31/2018

Section 130: Published 2/27/2019

Section 156: Published 3/8/2019

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