3. The spiritual meaning is what makes the Word divinely inspired and makes every word in it holy (Continued)

There is a still deeper level of meaning in the Word, one called heavenly, mentioned briefly in Section 6 above. It is almost impossible to extricate this meaning, though, because it is suited not so much to the thinking of our intellect as to the feeling of our will.

The reason this still deeper meaning (the one called heavenly) is present in the Word is that divine goodness and divine truth emanate from the Lord, divine goodness from his divine love and divine truth from his divine wisdom. Both are present in the Word, since the Word is a divine emanation. And since both are present, the Word brings to life people who read it with reverence. This subject will be discussed, though, under its own heading [Sections 80-90], where it will be explained that there is a marriage of the Lord and the church in the details of the Word and therefore a marriage of what is good and what is true.

from Sacred Scripture–White Horse, Section 19


Section 6: Published 5/10/2019

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