2. Humankind is the seedbed of Heaven

This assertion will be further supported in the next chapter [Sections 14–22], where I will be showing that heaven and hell come from humankind, which means that humankind is the seedbed of heaven.

As a preface to that, here I will state that just as heaven has been formed from humankind thus far—that is, since the beginning of creation—so it will continue being formed and enriched from now on.

Now, it is within the realm of possibility that humankind on a given planet could perish. This occurs if humankind completely separates itself from the Divine, because in that case people no longer have any spiritual life, only an earthly life like that of animals. Once people are like this, they cannot be formed into a community and restrained by the bonds of law, because without an inflow from heaven, that is, without being governed by the Divine, people become insane and, forsaking all self-control, plunge into every kind of unspeakable behavior toward each other.

But even if humankind were to perish on one planet by separating itself from the Divine (an outcome the Lord provides against), it would still continue on others. There are hundreds of thousands of [inhabited] planets in the universe—see my booklet, The Earthlike Bodies Called Planets in Our Solar System and in Deep Space.

I have been told by a heavenly source that if the Lord had not come into the world, taken on a human nature on this planet, and made that nature divine, humankind on this planet would have died off and left not a single survivor today. I have also been told that the same thing would have happened if the Lord had not given us the kind of Word we have, which serves as a foundation for the angelic heaven and a way of joining it to us. On the Word as the means of joining heaven and humankind together, see Heaven and Hell 303–310.

However, the truth of this can be grasped only by people who think spiritually—that is, people who are joined to heaven through their acknowledgment of the divine nature in the Lord, since they are the only ones who can do this kind of thinking.

from Last Judgment Supplements, Section 10

Heaven and Hell:

Sections 303-310: Published 11/18/2019-11/23/2019

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