4. So far, heaven is made up of relatively few people.

On the fact that so far, heaven is made up of relatively few people, see Section 126 in my booklet on the planets in the universe.

from Last Judgment Supplements, Section 11 (Cont’d)

The Planets in the Universe:

Anyone can conclude that there are many solar systems from the fact that we can see so many stars in the universe. It is common knowledge in the learned world that each star is a sun in its own region, remaining fixed the way the sun of our planet does in its own position, and only their great distance from us makes stars appear small. So we may conclude that like our sun, each star has planets around it that are worlds. We cannot see them with our eyes because they are at a vast distance from us and because the light they have from their star is not strong enough to be reflected all the way to us.

What other use could there be for such a huge expanse of space and so many stars? After all, the purpose of the creation of the universe is humankind and, through humankind, a heaven of angels. If the human race and the resulting angelic heaven came from just one planet, how would that satisfy an infinite Creator, for whom a thousand planets or even millions would not be enough?

I once calculated that if there were a million planets in the universe, with three hundred million (300,000,000) people on each planet, and two hundred generations over six thousand years, and if each individual or spirit were given a space of three cubic ells, then the total of all these people or spirits gathered into one place would not fill the space of a thousandth part of this planet—perhaps the space, then, of one of the moons of Jupiter or of Saturn. This would be an almost invisibly small space in the universe—we can scarcely see those moons with the naked eye. What would this be for the creator of the universe, for whom it would not be enough if the whole universe were full? The Creator is, after all, infinite.

I discussed this with angels and they said they have a similar idea of the meager extent of the human race in comparison to the infinity of the Creator, although they think of it in terms of states rather than of space; to their minds, no matter how many millions of planets one could ever imagine, they would still be absolutely nothing compared to the Lord. But the source of the material that follows about extrasolar planets is [not theory or imagination but] my own personal experience. Among other things the accounts will show how my spirit traveled to those planets while my body stayed where it was.

from The Planets in the Universe, Section 126

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