5. Heaven’s perfection increases as the number of its inhabitants increases.

This follows from its form, which determines the patterns in which people associate and the ways communication flows there.

Heaven’s form is the most perfect form of all; and in the case of the most perfect form, the more people there are, the more there is a shared motion toward oneness among them; and they are therefore joined together more closely and harmoniously. The harmony and consequent joining together increase as the numbers increase because each new constituent there is placed between two or more others in order to connect them together, and therefore the new element provides strength and connection.

Heaven’s form is like the form of the human mind, whose perfection grows as the mind gains more goodness and truth, leading to greater intelligence and wisdom. The reason the form of a human mind devoted to heavenly wisdom and intelligence is like the form of heaven is that a mind like this is in fact a miniature image of heaven’s form. That is why, both for people like this and for angels, there is such complete communication of their thoughts and feelings regarding what is good and true with the communities of heaven that surround them. That communication extends farther into heaven the more their wisdom grows—that is, the more varied are the kinds of knowledge of truth that have taken root in their understanding and the greater is the abundance of desires to do good that have taken root in their will. In other words, it depends on what has taken root in their minds, because the mind consists of the understanding and the will.

It is the nature of the human and angelic mind that it can be enriched more and more to eternity; and as it is enriched, it is perfected. This happens especially when people are being led by the Lord, because then they are introduced to genuinely true thoughts that become rooted in their understanding and to genuinely good desires that become rooted in their will, since the Lord is arranging everything in this kind of mind into a form of heaven—so completely that eventually it becomes a heaven in miniature. This comparison makes it possible for us to see that the increase in the number of angels perfects heaven, because the situation in that case is much the same.

Every form is made up of varied elements. A form that is not made up of varied elements is not really a form at all, because it has no characteristics and is incapable of undergoing changes of state. The characteristics of any form are determined by the way its constituent elements are related to each other, the way they interact with each other, and the way they agree to be one, which factors determine the extent to which any form is regarded as a single entity. The nature of a form is such that the more constituent elements there are that are arranged in a given way within it, the more perfect it is, because as just stated, each of its constituents strengthens, reinforces, interconnects, and thus perfects it.

These facts can be better confirmed, though, by material presented in the book Heaven and Hell, especially where it deals with the fact that each community of heaven is a heaven in smaller form and each angel a heaven in smallest form (Sections 51–58); where it treats of heaven’s form, which determines how people associate and communicate there (Sections 200–212); and where it treats of the wisdom of heaven’s angels (Sections 265–275). 13

from Last Judgment Supplements, Section 12

Heaven and Hell:

Sections 51-58: Published 6/11/2019-6/13/2019

Sections 200-212: Published 4/30/2019-5/5/2019

Sections 265-275: Published 11/24/2019-11/30/2019

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