6. Every divine work aims at what is infinite and eternal.

This is shown by many things that occur both in heaven and in this world. In both, there is never anything that is exactly like or identical to anything else. There is never a face exactly like or identical to any other and there never will be to eternity. By the same token, there is no one whose character is exactly like that of anyone else; as many people as there are—and the same is true for angels as well—that is how many different faces and different characters there are. Despite the fact that there are countless parts that constitute the body and countless feelings that constitute the lower mind, no one person ever has anything exactly like or identical to what is within anyone else. That is why every individual leads a life that differs from the life of everyone else. The same holds true throughout the physical world and in all its details. The cause underlying such an infinite variety in absolutely everything is that everything originates in the Divine, and the Divine is infinite. That is why there is some image of the Infinite everywhere—so that the Divine will look upon everything as its own handiwork, and everything, being the work of the Divine, will look toward the Divine.

To illustrate how everything in the physical world looks toward what is infinite and eternal, let us take just the following rather mundane example. Every seed, whether it is from a fruit tree, a grain, or a flower, has been created in such a way that it could multiply to infinity and go on forever. One seed leads to many more—five, ten, twenty, or even a hundred—and each of these leads in turn to as many more. Let this fruitfulness from a single seed continue unchecked each year, and in just a hundred years it could fill not only the whole surface of this earth but the surfaces of tens of thousands of earths. By the same token these types of vegetation have been created to go on forever. This shows us then how they contain an image of what is infinite and eternal, and it is the same in all other cases as well.

The heaven of angels is the reason why everything in the universe was created, because a heaven of angels is the reason for humankind and humankind is the reason for the heavens we see above us and the planets they contain. So this divine work, the heaven of angels, looks above all toward what is infinite and eternal, and therefore looks toward multiplying without end, because heaven is where the Divine itself dwells. We can conclude from this that humankind will never come to an end; because if it did, the divine work would come to a halt at a specific quantity and would cease to look toward infinity.

from Last Judgment Supplements, Section 13

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