Our knowledge of what is true and good does not become faith until we are engaged in caring. Once we have a faith that is born of caring, though, that knowledge becomes a resource that gives form to our faith (Continued)

It is important to know, though, that faith is supported by knowledge of what is genuinely true and good; this is definitely not the case with knowledge of what is false. Faith is truth (see Sections 5-11 above), and since falsity contradicts truth, it destroys faith. Caring, too, cannot occur where there are nothing but falsities, since as noted in Section 18 above, caring and faith are united the way goodness and truth are united.

It also follows from all this that a total absence of knowledge of what is true and good makes for no faith; slight knowledge makes for some faith; and an abundance of knowledge makes for a faith that is lightened in proportion to its fullness.

The quality of faith we have as a result of caring determines the quality of our intelligence.

There are many people, too, who do not have an inner recognition of what is true but still have a faith that comes from caring. These are people who have turned towards the Lord in their lives and who have refrained from evil behavior for religious reasons, but who have been hindered from thinking about truths by worldly concerns and by their professional
responsibilities as well as by a lack of truths on the part of their teachers. More deeply, or in spirit, though, they are able to recognize what is true, because they are drawn to it; so, after they die, become spirits, and are taught by angels, they recognize what is true and are overjoyed to receive it.

However, it is different for people who have not turned towards the Lord in their lives and have failed to refrain from evil behavior in accord with their religion. Inwardly or in spirit they do not feel drawn to truth and therefore have no ability to recognize it. So when they become spirits after death and are taught by angels, they are unwilling to acknowledge what is true and therefore do not accept it. Inside an evil life there is a hatred of truth, while inside a good life there is a love for truth.

from Life/Faith: Teaching for the New Jerusalem on Faith, Section 29-30

Sections 5-11: Published 7/8/2022-7/14/2022

Section 18: Published 7/21/2022

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