The Word’s Inner Meaning

This, then, is the Word’s inner meaning, the true and genuine life in it, which does not reveal itself at all in the literal meaning. But the number of secrets hidden within is so large that volumes would fail to unfold all of them. I have offered just a few, of a type confirming that regeneration is the theme and that it progresses from outer to inner self.

That is what angels see in the Word. They know nothing whatever of the literal contents, or the most obvious meaning of even one word, still less the names of different lands, cities, rivers, and people that come up so frequently in the narrative and prophetic parts. All they picture are the things those words and names symbolize.

Adam in Paradise, for instance, brings the earliest church to their minds—and not even the church itself but its belief in the Lord.

Noah brings up the picture of that church’s remnant among its successors, lasting up to Abram’s time.

Abraham never makes them think of a man who lived long ago but of a saving faith, which he represented. And so on.

In sum, they see spiritual and heavenly realities in the Word, completely separate from the words and names.

Several people found themselves carried up into heaven’s outermost entry hall while I was reading the Word, and they spoke to me from there. They said that they had no inkling of a single word or letter there but saw only the things symbolized on the next deeper level of meaning.

These things, according to their description, were so beautiful, followed in such a perfect sequence, and affected them so deeply that they called it glory.

from Secrets of Heaven, Volume 1, Sections 64-65

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