It Is Owing to the Lord’s Divine Human That Heaven, in Its Entirety and in Its Parts, Reflects a Person

THIS conclusion—that it is owing to the Lord’s divine human that heaven, in its entirety and in its parts, reflects a person—follows from all the things that have been presented in the preceding chapters:

(1) the Lord is God of heaven [Sections 2–6]

(2) it is the Lord’s divine nature that makes heaven [Sections 7–12]

(3) the heavens are made up of countless communities, and each community is a heaven in smaller form and each angel a heaven in smallest form [Sections 41–58]

(4) the whole heaven, grasped as a single entity, reflects a single individual [Sections 59–67]

(5) each community in the heavens reflects a single individual [Sections 68–72]

(6) therefore every angel is in perfect human form [Sections 73–77]

All these propositions lead to the conclusion that because the Divine is what makes heaven, the Divine is human in form.

It may be seen with somewhat greater clarity that this is the Lord’s divine human from the references to Secrets of Heaven at the close of this chapter, since this collection provides a condensation. It can also be seen from these references that the Lord’s human is divine, contrary to the belief in the church that it is not. This may be seen as well from the material about the Lord at the close of The New Jerusalem and Its Heavenly Teaching.

from Heaven and Hell, Section 78


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