To the Extent That We Turn Our Backs on All Kinds of Adultery Because They Are Sins, We Love Chastity (Continued)

This enables us to conclude and see beyond doubt whether someone is a Christian or not, in fact whether or not someone has any religion at all.  People who do not regard adultery as a sin in their faith and their way of life are not Christians and have no religion.  On the other hand, people who turn their backs on adultery as a sin, and more so people who steer clear of it altogether for that reason, and even more so people who detest it for that reason, do have a religion, and if they are in the Christian church, they are Christians.

There will be more on this in the booklet on marriage, though; and in the meanwhile those interested may consult what it says on this subject in Heaven and Hell, Sections 366-386.

from Life/Faith, Section 77


Heaven and Hell:

Section 366-386: Published 12/15/2017-12/22/2017

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